Who We Are

Vantage Pictures is an international video production company with offices in the United States, Vietnam and Hong Kong. We pride ourselves on bringing a multicultural touch to globally produced content, so that your brand may reach the widest possible audience in an authentic way.

We’re made up of producers, directors and creatives from all around the world who seek to bring a fresh voice to commercial storytelling. With every project, it’s our sole mission to illuminate the unseen vantage that makes every brand unique.

What We Do

Concept & Strategy
Color Grading
Sound Design
Visual Effects
Key Visuals

Our Team

Alexis Odiowei

Headshot of Alexis Odiowei, Managing Director at Vantage Pictures
Managing Director

Paul Moore

Headshot of Paul Moore, Creative Director at Vantage Pictures
Creative Director

Zacharia Lorenz

Headshot of Zacharia Lorenz, Marketing Director at Vantage Pictures
Marketing Director

James Duong

Headshot of James Duong, Executive Producer at Vantage Pictures
Executive Producer

Kien Nguyen

Headshot of Kien Nguyen, Senior Producer at Vantage Pictures
Senior Producer

Thuy Ngan Nguyen

Headshot of Thuy Ngan Nguyen, Producer at Vantage Pictures

Viet Anh Nguyen

Headshot of Viet Anh Nguyen, Producer at Vantage Pictures

Karen Liu

Headshot of Karen Liu, Account Manager at Vantage Pictures
Account Manager

Dat Thinh Nguyen

Headshot of Dat Thinh Nguyen, Production Assistant at Vantage Pictures
Production Assistant

Thao Nguyen

Headshot of Thao Nguyen, Accountant at Vantage Pictures